Sound systems

Sound system walls, commonly used in raves, stand out due to their unique features compared to regular speaker systems. These setups, also known as speaker walls or speaker towers, are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and powerful bass transmission.

Typically, sound system walls consist of multiple large speakers and subwoofers arranged side by side, forming a formidable and awe-inspiring audio setup. They are frequently employed in raves to create deep, impactful bass, which is essential for electronic music genres such as techno, house, and dub.

These speaker walls are renowned for their ability to produce strong sound propagation and high volume, creating a wide and energetic sonic landscape. Designed to provide an exceptional audio experience, they can withstand the demands of intense usage in a rave environment, where speakers are pushed to their maximum load.

The utilization of speaker walls and their specific configurations in raves helps create an immersive musical experience, enabling participants to fully engage with the rhythm and vibrations. This setup is key to making raves an unforgettable event.

Two Teams


Introducing the “Disturbed Sound System” team, who have been working with speakers for so many years that they’ve lost track of the exact year they started. They craft each speaker by hand, taking several years from concept to completion. Each speaker they create possesses a unique soul and produces amazing sound, making it a true work of art. While speakers are available for purchase, the real joy and satisfaction come from building them by hand and fine-tuning the sound to perfection. Mass-produced speakers from Chinese factories can’t compare, with their empty sound and impersonal aura. The hand-crafted speakers from Disturbed Sound System are polished to perfection, delivering top-notch sound quality where every soundtrack and even the tiniest notes from a sea of instruments can be enjoyed to their fullest.

The team comprises over 20 members, including both local Lithuanian and Icelandic sound enthusiasts. Engaging with them, you can see and feel their deep passion for music and sound, a dedication that has consumed their entire lives.

We are honored to be the first to invite them away from their usual audience to join us at the Kindergarten Festival. The team is eagerly anticipating this exciting journey, where they will bring their complete sound system to provide an unforgettable audio experience.

IG: @disturbedsoundsystem

FB: @disturbed023


“Elektroplazma Sound System,” based in Vilnius, is the second team joining us for this event. The team members can’t imagine life without sound systems, having grown up surrounded by speakers. For them, sound systems are more of a life calling than a business. On a daily basis, they tune sound and assist in organizing events, and they wouldn’t trade this passion for anything else in their lives.

Each speaker is handcrafted, bringing the DJ’s music to life with custom sound that moves through your body, making you move to the beat. Over the years, the number and quality of their speakers have grown, and we eagerly anticipate hearing how they will sound at our event.

We are delighted that both teams have agreed to rejoin us at the SOUNDSCAPE event. We know that this collaboration will be a great adventure, creating unforgettable memories for all involved.




IG: @elektroplazma

FB: @elektroplazma

We are delighted to announce that both teams have agreed to return to the SOUNDSCAPE event. We are confident that this collaboration will be a fantastic adventure, creating unforgettable memories for all involved. To learn more about the remarkable Lithuanian sound systems, be sure to watch the documentary film on YouTube

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