1. Only persons who have a valid event entry ticket or pass are allowed to be on the event premises. The owners of valid tickets have the right to be on the event premises during its operation if they comply with the event rules.

1.1. Keep your ticket carefully. Copying, distributing, and reselling tickets is strictly prohibited.

2. The person who purchased the ticket is responsible for any misuse of the ticket.

3. The visitor agrees that they may be photographed and filmed during the event. The photo and video material obtained at the event may be used for commercial and advertising purposes without payment or application of copyright.

4. Using event tickets in advertising and marketing campaigns, promotions, lotteries, and contests without the permission of the event organizers is prohibited.

5. Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged if the event location remains the same.

6. Visitors to the event location may be subject to inspection of their person, personal belongings, and documents.

7. Visitors to the event are allowed to bring and use non-professional cameras (i.e. those with non-interchangeable lenses).

8. It is prohibited on the event premises to: 

8.1. use an open flame (including candles, grills, oil lamps, lighters, etc.); 

8.2. use, sell, or store narcotic substances; 

8.3. visitors under 18 years of age to purchase alcohol; 

8.4. visitors under 16 years of age to stay on the event premises without the supervision of their parents or legal guardians from 22:00 to 08:00; 

8.5. be on the event premises in a state of intoxication that offends human dignity;

8.6. endanger the safety and health of other visitors with their behavior;

8.7. cross and/or be in an area that is fenced off for visitor flow, including building roofs and other areas that could potentially be dangerous to their safety and that of others.

9. The event organizer warns about the use of sound-enhancing equipment and strong light effects during the event.

10. It is forbidden to bring into the event territory:

10.1. Professional photographic equipment (i.e., with interchangeable lenses) and video equipment, unless permitted by the event organizers;

10.2. Narcotics;

10.3. Food products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages;

10.4. Other objects that could endanger the comfort or safety of other visitors (such as weapons, explosives, knives, gas canisters, glass objects, etc.).

10.5. Unapproved items and products cannot be stored outside the event territory with security or event organizers.

11. The event organizers are not responsible for:

11.1. Injuries sustained by visitors during the event;

11.2. The quality of food, drink and other goods sold on the event territory – full responsibility lies with the service provider;

11.3. Actions taken by state institutions or organizations during the event.

12. The event organizers have the right to:

12.1. Change the event program and performance times without prior warning;

12.2. Refuse entry to the event territory or remove visitors whose behavior could disrupt the event and/or endanger the safety of other visitors;

12.3. Refuse to sell alcoholic beverages to persons who are intoxicated with alcohol and may endanger themselves or other event visitors.

13. People present in the event area have an obligation to comply with all instructions and orders of the event organizers related to ensuring the conduct and order of the event, including those not mentioned in these regulations, but made known during the event. If the event rules or any other instructions or orders of the event organizers are not followed, the event organizer has the right to remove people from the event area.

14. Parking regulations:


14.2. The event organizers are not responsible for cars and items left in them.


Event tickets will be available for purchase at the entrance.

Event organizers recommend purchasing tickets in advance on the website to avoid long lines at the entrance.

Bought a ticket but can’t find it in your email? Check your SPAM/JUNK folders.

The QR code you receive in the e-mail is your ticket. You will have to show it at the entrance. The QR code can only be used once.

On-site payment for event tickets can only be made only in cash.

Organizers are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items on the event grounds.

Event attendees are only allowed on the premises with a valid event wristband. Visitors without a wristband will be escorted by security personnel to the nearest exit.

Children under 16 years of age are not permitted on the event grounds after 22:00 without the presence of a parent, guardian, or authorized adult.

If leaving the event grounds, a new ticket must be purchased for the full value listed on the day of the event.

Food vendors and beverage sellers will operate on the event grounds.

There will be no ATMs on the event grounds.

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